galaxy on fire 2

Galaxy On Fire 2

Open world, sandbox games -this is pretty much the new frontier of hardcore console and desktop gaming. We have seen it a lot these past few years with massive big-title games that span a wide variety of genres: modern/urban car-stealing action shooters, medieval fantasy hack-and-slashers, post-apocalyptic world survival. But what about outer space? It used to be our "final frontier" and with the recent comeback of the genre to film (new Star Wars and Star Trek movies and all), video games should not fall too far behind. Thankfully, some talented developers at Fishlabs have been hard at work to deliver to us a strong open-world outer-space themed game complete with all the trappings of a true hardcore game. And they made sure to release a tablet version of it; Galaxy on Fire 2HD may be an app, but it is a hardcore gaming experience waiting to happen.

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rocket santa 2

Rocket Santa 2: Take to the Stars

When the holiday season arrives, the only thing any of us want to do is to have as much fun as possible while preferably doing as little as can be managed. Christmas is one of the best times of the year not simply because of the presents but because of the flash game developers hurriedly trying to apply some Christmas cheer to their games and release them in time for all of the people wishing to have maximum fun with minimum effort to play repeatedly for the whole of Christmas and beyond.

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Nyan Cat Lost in Space

Nyan Cat Lost in Space: Nothing Short of Nyanaddicting

If you are familiar with the Nyan Cat meme, chances are that merely mentioning its name will leave a particularly persistent tune auto looping in your head. Now, imagine hours of watching the world famous Poptart cat collecting donuts and candy canes. Intrigued yet? That's what's in store for you in Nyan Cat Lost in Space. Trust us, it's bizarrely addicting.

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