Nyan Cat Lost in Space

Nyan Cat Lost in Space is Nothing Short of Nyanddicting

If you are familiar with the Nyan Cat meme, chances are that merely mentioning its name will leave a particularly persistent tune auto looping in your head. Now, imagine hours of watching the world famous Poptart cat collecting donuts and candy canes. Intrigued yet? That's what's in store for you in Nyan Cat Lost in Space. Trust us, it's bizarrely addicting.

The game does not attempt to explain Nyan Cat's journey in space, and considering how random it could be, that's most likely a good thing. After you get acquainted with the list of the game's various power-ups, you may then take the reins. Get the highest score you can manage by making Nyan Cat jump across candy platforms, grabbing as many sweets as he can while avoiding death by falling.

It's a piece of cake to control Nyan Cat as all you have to do is press your left mouse button to make him jump across platforms. Click twice to make your Poptart kitty jump higher and slide the mouse up or down to change his direction when he is either in Rocketnyan or Supernyan form.

Nyan Cat's adventure wouldn't be complete without his favorite noms giving him super powers. There are multipliers such as the Milknyan, offering a score boost for 10 seconds. Passing by a Diamond while Milknyan is in effect will result in long life milk that lasts for 45 seconds. Also worth noting is the Rubin, represented by a ruby-colored diamond, gives an extra 2x multiplier for 45 seconds.

Now, to aid you on your food hoarding, there's the Magnetnyan which vacuums all sweets in Nyan Cat's vicinity. The Bubblenyan allows an unlimited number of high jumps while the Rocketnyan and Supernyan allows Nyan Cat to fly. Oh and there's also the Cracknyan which lets our favorite space kitty run faster. It's possibly the only object here that reminds us that this game is for older geeks.

News flash: Nyan Cat is not the only creature in space. Yes, he actually has Opponyants to contend with. There's a UFO which beams him up and causes him to lose some of his sweets, a pesky doggy, an evil pod and a nasty looking fanged Nyan Cat that interrupts the Nyan Cat theme song with some rocking beats of his own. You will have to avoid these baddies, unless you pick up a Smaragd that gives Nyan invulnerability for 45 seconds.

Aside from simply being a clever time waster, Nyan Cat Lost in Space features 12 achievements that you can deliberately or accidentally obtain throughout your pastry-filled adventure. As far as personalization goes, you can opt to change the messages displayed through Nyan Cat's Chat Bubbles. You can even share your witty messages to friends by sending them a link. It doesn't affect the game at all but it's quite a nice touch, considering the fact that Nyan Cat is pretty talkative.

As far as platformers go, Nyan Cat Lost in Space does both the genre and its trance-inducing meme justice. This intergalatic space game isn't bogged down by complicated controls or intricate mechanics achieving the sort of harmonious balance seen in other successful games such as Into Space 3 Xmas which makes it accessible even to those new to platformers. The game gets two-thumbs up for staying true to iconic Nyan Cat's art style and what can we say, the theme song is strangely addicting.

If you want an amusing time waster, we say go for Nyan Cat Lost in Space. Just like the song, it's quite Nyanddicting. The power-ups are hilarious as well, though you'll probably have to come up with a creative excuse to explain Cracknyan to your kid.


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